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Sunny Ombre SMASH cake!

Archers sunny smash cake and hand made green monster stuffy

For Archers first birthday I got to make him a smash cake.  Free rein on colours, so I decided to make it as sunny and bright as the birthday boy himself.  A yellow and orange ombre smash cake it was. I love adding liberal amounts of buttercream on smash cakes so they can get nice and messy! Also pictured here is one of the monster stuffies I made for Archer’s first birthday which were from the design of his baby shower invitations. 

Archers ombre sunny smash cake

Piping Archers smash cake

Yellow and Orange smash cake tutorial

I started by crumb coating the cake with regular swiss meringue buttercream. Then I tinted the whole bowl with a little yellow.  Pipped on a few dots of colour in the centre then added a little more colour.  I just added colour to the whole bowl instead of making lots of bowls of colours because I knew it would work out with my colour scheme.  So I just kept building up the coloured dots as I went along, I did about two rows for each addition. Then once the whole cake was covered in buttercream in the ombre colour effect, I used a pallet knife to smooth it out and add texture in a kind of messy rustic way. You can also see that I went ahead and used vanilla bean paste in this buttercream which I normally wouldn’t do because you can see the little black specs, but I love the taste and thought it added a bit of that rustic feel.

Sunny Ombre smash cake

Buttercream ombre smash cake - by Freshly Squeez'd

yellow and orange ombre smash cake on grey background


The smash cake photo shoot was priceless and oh so cute!

KyKy xx

Yellow and orange smash cake being eaten by Archer!

Photo by Livia Supplie


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