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Monster cookies, Monster baby shower and Monster cake!

Baby shower invites featuring monster cookies


It all started when Archer’s aunty  Coco got him a super cool monster mobile for his arrival. We used that for the theme of the baby shower.  Complete with a monster cookie, cookie bar!  Inside each invitation we also included a recipe card for the attendees to write out their favorite cookie recipe.  I secretly hope that one day Archer will enjoy making these recipes and that they will be special to him, knowing he got them from people who love heaps at his baby shower.

So naturally I decided to make some monster shaped cookies for the cookie bar.  But I can’t take credit for all the delicious cookies, I had lots of help!

Monster cookies for a cookie bar

Cookie bar for baby shower

The baby shower was a blast, meeting Archer was the best and the next year just flew by.  It was time for his first birthday and I couldn’t think of a better cake then a monster cake. It was my first attempt at a carved cake and I have lots to learn, but I was pretty happy with the outcome for a first try.  I also made a couple of monster stuffies to match (the little green and orange guys are sewed stuffies) for Archer to keep.

Carved Monster cake by Freshly Squeez'd


Monster cake and stuffies by Freshly Squeez'd

I also made a smash cake for him but that will be another post.

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