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Deadpool Cake for CakeCon International Collaboration

Deadpool Cake

Deadpool from Marvel Comics and his unicorn cake created for Cake Con international collaboration. A group of international cake and sugar artists came together to create their own take on their favourite comic book characters.  Being from Vancouver, Ryan Reynolds home town and the place where they filmed Deadpool, I felt a special connection to him. And who could resist creating his unicorn friend for him to ride on! Sculpted using modelling chocolate and fondant, Deadpool is completely edible. The unicorn and his golden horn are jumping over a bushel of clouds while Deadpool rides him off into the sky.  The unicorns curly rainbow hair is made using modelling chocolate.

Little deadpool cake riding his rainbow unicorn Deadpool cake, holding on to the golden horn of the unicorn Rainbow of curly unicorn hair the back of deadpool cake as he rides his unicornDeadpool cake riding a unicorn over a bunch of clouds Deadpool cake details, his belt and buckle

Deadpool and the collaboration were featured in the July 2017 issue of Cake Masters Magazine.

To check out some of the other amazing pieces go to the facebook page. 

July 17 Cake Masters Magazine featured in badge

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