Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts

Blown sugar art Narwhale - Freshly Squeez'd

It’s been a few months since I went to Toronto to the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts but finally have the chance to share some photos with you.

A collage of sugar flowers I made at Bonnie Gordon College - Freshly Squeez'd

Sugar flower roses, orchids and calla lilies.

Haute Couture wedding cake - freshly squeez'd

Haute couture cakes with Jaquline - freshly Squeez'd

Haute couture wedding cakes was one of the most anticipated sections.  We got to choose a photo of a dress as inspiration.  Jaquline, one of my class mates, is holding up our backdrop to take some shots of both of our cakes together.

Red, Black and gold wedding cake inspired by vintage circus and moulin rouge

"love" banner, glitter detail heart - Freshly Squeez'd

For our wedding cake assignment, we were all given a theme as well as a few details about the clients and their weddings.  Mine was to have lots of red and black.  They also loved the Moulin Rouge, with a vintage circus feel.  I will admit I was a bit worried by this, as it is not really in my comfort zone.  In the end I was so glad that I got this theme; it really pushed me to try some new things and I loved the end result.  My favourite new technique… lambeth piping, which is a technique from 1930.  I adapted it to my design and then painted the piping gold.  Oh, and disco dust, who couldn’t love disco dust!

Mr. Munny carved cake project - freshly squeez'd

Our carved cake project was made out of banana cake and Rice Krispies.  My Munny’s body is made of cake and his head and legs are Rice Krispies.

Gugenheim inspired cake design - Freshly Squeez'd

The final assignment was client based (although the client was fake).  It was a surprise cake for a museum curator retirement party who loved Spanish architecture and the Guggenheim.  I really enjoyed making the carved stone look with modelling chocolate.

Me in front of the world map at Bonnie Gordon College - freshly squeez'd

All dressed up in the chef outfit.  I was ecstatic when Bonnie herself put  a little pin on Vancovuer Island for me.  There are pins from all over the world, and it felt pretty amazing to be a part it.

I was a little nervous when the last day came so quickly but I was also so very excited to get back to beautiful British Columbia!


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