Five days and five nights, decorating a single cake, for no one in particular to eat, never quite sure if it would turn out the way I saw it in my head. Why would I do that? I love to push boundaries, my skills, my creativity, people’s imaginations, and their expectations. I could never have known that my Ralph cake would “break the internet” like it did, all I knew was that I was pushing the boundaries in the hopes of creating something great.

My passion for baking and the arts started where I hope most peoples do; in the kitchen with my Grandma teaching me how to make gooey delicious cinnamon buns. My love of art and design aesthetics stems from my mother whose artistic talent created many beautiful paintings. I opened my first business at 16 to sell biscotti to the local farmers market which would eventually lead me to opening the Letterpress Bakery. Following secondary school, I moved to Vancouver to pursue art in another medium and took the Interactive Media Design program at the Art Institute of Vancouver. I then created a web and graphic design company called Freshly Squeez’d Designs. I enjoyed the challenge of a new logo design, the research, care and attention to brand values that it took to create a memorable image.

I continued to bake yummy things when a friend asked me to make her wedding cake. A four-tier, lemon curd, and fresh lemon buttercream cake.  It was stressful, maybe a little ambitious for a first cake, but I was hooked. After a few more cakes, I started posting them on the Freshly Squeez’d facebook page. Something happened I couldn’t ignore. Although my graphic and web designs were liked, the cakes and cookies I posted were loved, vigorously commented on, and shared. I soon realized how much I missed creating things with my hands, cooking and baking. I figured if I was going to do this thing, I would do it right, so I went to The Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in Toronto to learn cake decorating.

Since then I have been able to combine my design background with baking and have focused on creating an artisan bakery business. I am continually learning new skills and tactics to create some really fun projects. My passion to grow, push myself, and use my talents to create fantastic cakes has outgrown my beautiful home on Vancouver Island and landed me in Vancouver. I look forward to connecting with some equally passionate people. Whether you are a company wanting to spread your brand, a couple who wants a custom designed wedding cake, or a mom who wants a birthday cake of a lifetime for their little one, I am so excited to show you all what we can create together.

The Letterpress Bakery – What does it mean?

The name ‘Letterpress’ is inspired by the craftsmanship and tactility of letterpress printing—the commitment of obsessive attention to detail and the inherent yet beautiful imperfections created from artisanal techniques.  As in letterpress printing, artisan baking requires an unrushed process, creating something wholesome yet truly authentic.  The process is as important as the end result, causing the maker’s intimate involvement to shine through in each piece.


Featured in the January issue of Cake Masters Magazine and the winter 2015 issue of Trio Magazine

I graduated from the Designer Cakes Certificate Programme at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary ArtsFeatured in Cake Masters Magazine Janurary 2015 Cake Geek Magazine feature BadgeFeatured on Inspired Bride