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Sharkbro Threadcakes 2015

Sharkbro my 2015 Threadcakes entry

My 2015 Threadcakes entry – Sharkbro by Tony Riff. 

Picking a design was kind of double hard this year. I knew nothing would ever measure up to Ralph, but I love Threadcakes so I wanted to do it anyways. As always I wanted to pick something that would challenge me and I fell in love with Sharkbro. It doesn’t hurt that he is a shark eating his own leg!

I started out with a base board and one threaded rod for support up his leg.

The back “mountain” portion was made of alternating vanilla and chocolate cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and peanut butter filling. His body was made of chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache. I used fondant and modelling chocolate and a mix to cover and decorate the cake.

I had a few set backs… After decorating the top portion of his body separately I went to put it on and… nope. I hadn’t stuck to my plan when I carved him, thinking oh why not make him a little fatter, you can’t tell anyways. Well, because then the hole you put in the board under his tongue area wont be in the right place for the rod to fit through. The only way to get the rod out would be to unscrew it the whole way down and out because I messed up the end of the rod when I cut it, so that wasn’t really an option. After lots of trial and error I cut the rod down and was able to get the top half of his body on! Thats what I love about this competition, without any clients to worry about, you can laugh at your mistakes and then you learn from them, hopefully!

Then I added his tank top, arms, fin and teeth. I added the black outline to finish him off. I tried looking for a design without a black outline this year but I just love this look and Sharkbro!

I added the pink blood river to the back “mountain” bit with some highlights and black outlines. For the background I covered a board with white fondant and then cut out the palm trees from rolled yellow modelling chocolate. And last but not least added his miniature sunnies. Who’s sunnies these are, we will never know!

He took roughly 80 + hours to complete and I made a timeplapse video to show you how he came together. There are a few bits missing… the whole having to cut the rod with half a cake on there bit, and possibly a few other mistakes and re do’s, but I hope you enjoy it.

This year I passed off the first cut to Chris, my cake loving reddit posting friend!

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If you would like to check out more of my cake and cookie decorating videos check out my YouTube Channel! 

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